transmissions replacementThere is no part of your vehicle more complex than the transmission. Made up of over 800 individual parts, the transmission is the part of your vehicle responsible for transferring the engine’s power to the wheels, thus making your car go. It also helps change gears as you raise and lower your speed. Whether you have a manual transmission or an automatic, if your transmission is in trouble, your entire vehicle is in trouble. So for the best transmission service and transmission repair Michigan City, IN, has to offer, trust the team of experts at Chris’s Car Care.

Transmission Service Michigan City IN

Keeping your transmission in good working order is essential to the longevity of your vehicle. Regular transmission service should be performed at least every 30,000 miles, and possibly more frequently depending on manufacturer recommendations. Having transmission service done can help identify small problems before they become major repair jobs, resulting in costly repairs or even the replacement of transmission components. Common transmission services include draining and replacing the transmission fluid, and inspecting transmission filters and coolers, pan gaskets, transmission controls, and linkages. If you are having issues with your transmission, our team can help diagnose if transmission service is needed or if a major repair is required.

Transmission Repair Michigan City IN

Transmission repair is a complex job that must be done right the first time. Whether it is a transmission flush, fluid replacement, filter replacement, tune-up, or transmission replacement, our qualified technicians can help you get your car running as smoothly as new. Special diagnostic tools are used to make sure all parts are installed and functioning properly before the transmission repair is complete. If you’re having transmission issues, come see the pros at Chris’s Car Care to get your car tuned up quickly and efficiently.

Transmission Repair Near Me

When you need a transmission service or a full transmission repair in Michigan City, IN, always trust the experts at Chris’s Car Care. Our team will have your transmission changing gears like never before in no time flat, and we will make sure your transmission lasts for years and miles to come. Just make an appointment, and we’ll do the rest!

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